Your scalp is part of your skin and it’s the base of your crown so the health of your scalp is extremely important!

Most people now have scalp buildup problems, which prevents your scalp natural breathing mechanism!

But what is the reason?

Well, the main reason is using products full of silicon and other synthetic ingredients which stay on our scalps and prevent natural respiration and healthy hair cycles which result in hair loss, uneven hair growth, excessive shedding, in addition to dry and brittle hair.

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How can we treat and prevent that?

First we should use silicon, synthetics and sulfates free shampoos, conditioners, gels and hair products. Try to lean towards chemicals free, natural, and healthy choices for your entire hair care even if you need to go no poo.

There are plenty natural hair remedies and oils that are great for hair health, like Almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil which is a great oil for hair growth but it’s very thick so it’s best for pre wash treatments. It’s always a great idea to apply one or a blend of these oils before you wash your hair and the just a gentle minimal rub after you wash, condition and before drying to lock the oil benefits inside the hair shaft because oil can enter inside the hair strand when it’s wet. Curly hair needs more moisture and hydration than straighter hair types.

Buildup can be removed by mixing 1 teaspoon of soda bicarbonate with a tablespoon of organic vinegar, You may rub your scalp directly before shampooing or you may mix this blend with your sulfates free shampoo and rub your scalp well with it, then condition your hair.

Remember shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for hair for best dry free and clean scalp and hair.

Don’t forget to apply your favorite scalp and hair healthy essential oil to your scalp and hair for an amazing hair experience until your next wash.

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