It is not a secret that our sleeping patterns determine how good we may look, how our skin behaves, how other organs and each cell of our bodies behaves! Not sleeping enough hours causes dehydration and lack of moisture in your body, which results in not only water imbalance but also oil imbalance, and increased acidity in your body which may cause not only repeated heart burns and unexplained body aches but also dehydrated skin, redness, eczema, Rosacea, acne’, dry/dull hair and even fragile skin and nails. Even if your job, study time or current circumstance doesn’t allow the optimal amount of sleeping hours, then the least you can do is get optimal and sound quality sleep as much and safely as possible. Put your phone away from your bedroom and just close enough to hear an emergency phone call from an away loved one and your alarm in the morning. Never place your phone or laptop next to your bed unless they're locked. After your skin evening/ night rituals, drink a cup of warm chamomile tea.  Massage a few drops of your favorite Lavender essential oil on the back of your neck, behind your ears going down the sides of your neck, your shoulders, your upper back, your inner arms and palms, your chest and around your belly button.

Take some sips of plain warm water, take a deep breath inhaling in the goodness of this relaxing and centralizing oil in 3-5 long breaths and exhale all the fatigue and stress of the day. Put your head on your pillow and get ready for a good night sleep until you hear your alarm to wake up.

I don’t dilute my lavender oil for bedtime rituals, I use 100 % pure organic Essential Lavender oil, but you can dilute it if your skin is too sensitive or if yours is not organic.