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Nubian Queen Oil

Nubian Queen Oil

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An organic skin oil inspired by ancient beauty protocols and cultures. Specially created to beautify and protect women's skin effectively and precisely.

  • Know more about me!

    An Organic, healthy, and clean, beautifying oil. The oil is full of vitamins, Skin enhancing herbal and botanical secrets. The unique specialty oil treatment to improve and boost the beauty of your Skin, empowered with practical and powerful aromatherapy to centralize your breathing, your thoughts, and spirituality. It is a full beauty regimen in one bottle. 

  • Why?

    - moisturizing & hydrating
    - protecting
    - healing & Repairing
    - Toning
    - Softening
    - Firming
    - Environmental protection (the sun, heat, cold, snow, humidity) 

  • Who?

    Females who have an active, busy lifestyle and prefer multitasking and effective skincare, with great first-grade Aromatherapy healing.

  • When & How?

    Apply every morning and evening on your cleansed face and while still wet with your wet hands, including around your eyes, neck, and decollete.

  • What's in me?

    Pure Organic USDA Genus Adansonia oil, Pure Organic Ekuume super plant oil complex, pure organic B vitamins, Pure Organic Malvaceae, Pure Sage oil, Pure Rose petals oil, Pure Organic Adansonia Digitata, Omega 3, 6,9, Pure Organic vitamin E,Pure organic Kanaa Mirgama super botanical complex oil, Turmeric extract,  Chamomile flowers, Chamaemelum nobile, Metricaria Chamomilla, Lavandula angustifolia, Lavender extract,  Pure Organic Alfa and Beta Carotenes, Uronic Acid, Tannins Phtosterols.

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