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Face Vitamins Oil

Face Vitamins Oil

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100 percent Organic and preservatives free Natural and Light as silk. This light velvety oil is so soft and gradually becomes matt. Its hydrating power is hydrating is heavenly. It contains the face skin specialty vitamins to be healthy, clear, flawless, healthy, and bright.

Just the right amount of vitamins with buffered technology that doesn't cause sensitivity. It actually protects your skin from the sun, heat, wind, and cold, harsh weather. It is an oil-free gel, so it dries Matte and feels so light on your skin. 

  • Know more about me!

    An essential skin treatment for all skin types. You can wear it alone or layer it for added skin benefits. Will boost any other skin serum, cream, or lotion. This unique gel will balance the cellular activity in your skin. This makes it a versatile skin treatment that's perfect for both genders and all ages,16 years old and up—the rich content of vitamins, antioxidants, and healing ingredients. 

  • Why?

    - Balancing

    - Brightening

    - Skin immunity & energy

    - Hydrating

    - Healing

    - Softening

    - Protecting

    - Repair & cell growth

    - Sun and climate protection

    - Excellent for facial hair

  • Who?

    For all individuals needing these effects, all skin types, including and especially sensitive skin, reactive and fragile, Rosacea, and oncology skin.

  • When & How?

    Mornings and evenings, Before exposure to harsh environmental exposure.
    Apply 3-5 drops on your face, including your eye areas, neck, and decollete.

  • What's in me?

    Our pure Organic intension and energy to heal you and your skin, Organic whole superfood Pure Vitamin C, Organic whole superfood Buffered, and balanced vitamin A, Organic whole superfood Vitamin E, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, The rare to find Organic whole superfood Vitamin F, Organic whole superfood plant Omega 3, Organic whole superfood plant Omega 6, Organic whole superfood plant Omega 9, Organic Aminopeptidase, Organic Adansonia digitata seed oil, Lavendula extract pure oil, chamomile pure extract oil.


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