2020 had been testing us in many and different ways, but let's talk about our skin now. Are you experiencing more breakouts or strange acne like bumps? especially around your nose, mouth, and jaw areas? well.. you are not alone! this is very common now.

The masks we wear to protect us from the corona virus might be the one to blame!  These masks protect us from the covid 19 virus but may restrict healthy respiration and ventilation for our pores and so cause our pores to become congested, ill and swollen, irritated or dirty, especially if you are wearing sunblock, makeup or a heavy moisturizer. 

Fortunately there are ways to tackle this problem effectively;

choose noncomedogenic and oxygenating skincare that will help your skin breathe  like Ekuume skincare.

use clean masks every time and if you are wearing a reusable fabric mask, wash them after each use, avoid softeners with fragrances because they may sensitize and irritate your skin more and it's always good to wash fabrics that are going to be close to our faces with a green eco friendly and chemicals free detergent.

Incorporate relaxing aromatherapy in your lifestyle, use infusers with oils like lavender, pink grapefruit, and mandarins.

If you were suffering this problem even before this corona situation? then my next blog is for you.


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