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Pre-Prep Smart Water

Pre-Prep Smart Water

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Another Ekuume Skin unique innovation. You spray this skin smart water before any skin treatment to prep your skin. It maximizes the benefits of serums, creams, gels, or any treatment applied afterward. It minimizes the treatment needed because of the expansion technology it provides and the versatile nurturing protection. It is the only of it's kind. Ekuume smart face water also balances your skin PH.

Ekuume smart water is also an amazing primer and a setting spray for makeup.

  • Why?

    - Maximizes serums and treatments efficacy

    - Minimizes the quantity of products needed

    - Softens and conditions

  • Who?

    All skin types.

  • When & How?

    Before applying serums, skin treatments.

    Before makeup as a healthy treating primer and after makeup application as a setting spray.

    Spray on face and neck.



    What's in me?

    Healing Aqua, Mineral Aqua, Aloe Vera extract liquid, Ekuume smart water Antioxidants complex ( special Non sensitizing super botanical complex), Ekuume skin desensitizing tecnology complex, B. Vitamins complex, lavandula extract, French Lavender extract, Matricaria chamomilla,Natural Plant Glycerin, Mediterranean citrus blossom extract, Chamomilla recutita, melaleuca alternifolia, Tea Tree extract healing Chammomile complex, Ekuume Myrgama super complex, natural preservative.     


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