About Ekuume

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Our story is not about us; It's about YOU!

It started with how can I find a skincare formula that is safe and effective because before, you had to make the hard choice of either safe or effective when it comes to skincare! Even the ( Natural) products are not that safe and are not even that "natural." As a Holistic Skin Therapist, I needed 100% safe skincare and most humanly possible skin-perfecting results for my clients. My clients were fighting Cancer, Lupus, Rosacea, Melasma, Eczema, Diabetes, pregnant, and nursing moms. I had to design safe and effective formulas that are as close to perfection as possible. My clients loved my formulas and enjoyed them while enjoying a great sense of wellness and there for happiness. I wanted to help more people, and that started a dedicated Bee-busy research and studies lifestyle.

Soon after, I noticed the keen need to create a clean Anti-inflammatory skincare capable of treating all skin tones, types, and conditions. I learned all the different skin types, traits, skin problems root causes, behaviours, and how to treat them: all the various ingredients and their effects on our largest organ and our general health. 

Finally, I was able to breakthrough. A healing, safe, and esthetically powerful skincare line was born, and it can treat all skin tones, types, and conditions, including the most sensitive and restricted skin.