This Covid 19 stay at home has been long and interesting.. one of the most common things we are all experiencing is anxiety, stress and fatigue with less possibilities for activities, hourly news of how the pandemic is progressing or retreating and how it's taking a toll on all of us.

Cardamom Ginger Chai is one of my daily rituals for wellness, peace and beauty !

Cardamom and Ginger are staples in most Asian and African pantries and remedies.Both Cardamom and Ginger are strong antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, energy producing yet they centralize our nervous systems which means they give us a sense of stable mood and thoughts as cardamom is anti-depressant and ginger is anti-anxiety according to Ayurvedic claims and thousands of years of cultural practice, in addition to an endless list of benefits like digestion, relief bloating, adrenal fatigue, joints pain and general inflammation, with benefits for healthy blood circulation, diabetes, hypertension, brain aging and toxicity memory, attention, and much more. Having these spices in your diet should be fine but for medicinal doses be more cautious and always research more about your favorite natural herbs and spices as they are really medicinal, always be cautious if you are pregnant, nursing, having a surgery soon and consult with your physician.