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My Face Hike Oil

My Face Hike Oil

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This is your face hike in a bottle, . With today's busy and stressful lifestyle and as climate change hitting harder than ever, an actual hike might not be quite doable every other day! This sleek oil comes in handy with its fresh potent ingredients and unique capabilities.

Method 1- Apply few drops to your cleansed face, around the eyes area and your neck.

Method  2- Apply a generous amount of the oil on your entire face, around your eyes and your neck/ decollate',  Use your fingers, palms or a natural material face massager to give your facial muscles the perfect tone and fitness while giving your skin the superior benefits of this oil. then rinse with cold water and don't and gently dry. ( No soap or cleanser needed, let this oil keep working on your skin.

Method 3- Mix 1-3 drops with our Ekuume Bright Serum for great and fast brightening and Anti-Aging polished skin results.


* ? Want to know more about me?

I am a hardcore fitness & beauty oil for your facial muscles and skin.  I dig deep into your skin layers to provide my priceless benefits plus elasticity and more collagen production. The results are amazingly pleasing.


  • Why?



    Natural Sunscreen

    Heals Acne and prevents breakouts

    Tones & strengthens

    Heals & reduces inflammation

    Reduces sun tans & pigmentation

    Activates healthy blood circulation

    Induces gentle cell renewal

    Regulates cell communication


  • When & How?

    At your usual hiking times, early in the morning to early evenings, and at any time a healthy face hike is needed

    Method 1- Apply few drops to your entire face, eyes areas and neck for an oxygenated fitness and firmness, brightening sun protection & tan removal, 

    Method 2- After cleansing apply a good amount of the oil on your face, including around the eyes areas, and neck, Use gentle to firm upwards and outwards strokes depending on your skin condition ( lighter pressure for sensitive skin) with your palms, starting from the base of your neck up to your jawline, and from your chin to the sides of your face, around your eyes and on your whole face for 1 minute to 3 minutes then finish with feathery runny movements with the tips of your fingers all-around your face and neck finishing at your temples. Then rinse with cool or cold water and leave to dry. no soap or cleanser will be needed.

  • What's in me?

    Our genuinely positive energy, Sage extract oil, Ekuume Organic oil complex, Silk peptides, French Lavender extract, Brassica Juncea pure extract, Pure Organic vitamin E, Organic Omega 3, Organic Omega 6, Organic Omega 9, pure Hemp seed oil, Organic Calcium, Pure Plant Iron, Organic pure Potassium, Organic pure Magnesium, Organic pure Phosphorus, Organic pure Manganese, Organic pure B vitamins, Pure organic Malvaceae, Organic pure Adansonia Digitata, Pure Organic Alfa and Beta Carotenes, Oragnic Tannins Phytosterols.

  • Who?

    All skin types. Not for skin with open lesions or active acne.

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