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Pimple Disappear Treatment

Pimple Disappear Treatment

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-Treat your acne on the spot. Clearing, disinfecting, fast, healthy, and productive so you can focus on what matters the most for you. We created this spot treatment with your skin health, wellness, appearance, and your busy lifestyle in mind.

  • Why?

    - Treats active acne

    - Anti-inflammatory

    - Heals acne spots and surrounding tissues

    - Prevents acne scars

    - Prevents acne blemishes and marks

  • When & How ?

    Apply to your cleansed face in the morning and evening on the acne spot and surrounding tissue until your skin is back to normal.

  • What's in me?

    Aloe Vera Gel, Zinc Oxide Extract, Pure Organic Baobab oil, pure organic B vitamins, Salicylic Acid, Pure Organic Malvaceae, Pure Organic Adansonia Digitata, Omega 3, 6,9, Pure organic vitamin E, Pure Organic Alfa and Beta Carotenes, Uronic Acid, Tannins Phtosterols, Aloe Vera Gel, Zinc Oxide Extract, Pure Organic USDA Genus Adansonia oil, Tri Myrgama super Botanica extract, Rose Hip Extract, Glycerin Extract, Lavender Extract, Chamomile Extract, Chamomile Mega extract, Turmeric extract, Natural Organic Preservative, Oats Extract, Tea Tree extract oil, Patchouli extract, cloves extract, Glycolic Acid, Wild Baobab seed extract, Sulphur.

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